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The Greatest Games – Milan 2 Benfica 1

Decline of the minute's silence is authorities caving in to misplaced fear - fans behave when they are trusted

Was the Premier League ready for VAR, are officials inadequately prepared, and how does FFP work in practice?

Serie Awesome: Sarri's Struggles at Juventus - ESPN FC

When unplayable Ronaldo won the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan – but bad luck broke his shot at further glory

Unpacking the League One promotion race

Football Weekly - Guardiola: the master of surprise, the chasm between Chelsea and Bayern, the straight line speed of Aston Villa goalkeepers and Brummie boundaries

Everton’s Tactics under Carlo Ancelotti

Werder Bremen facing relegation from the Bundesliga; what has gone wrong for 2004 double winners?

The Spanish Football Podcast: Where there's Barry, there's hope

JJ Bull: Tactical Analysis & Coaching Badges - Tifo Podcast

A day in the life of a non-league club – learning not to waste a second with Weymouth FC

The rise of ex-Arsenal forward who ran Chelsea ragged

Pep Guardiola and penalties: Blind spot for the details obsessive?

Telegraph Audio Football Club podcast: The best battle for Premier League top four ever?

Steve Holland: Champions League tactics, Chelsea 1 Barcelona 0 - Masterclass

How will Liverpool ever (eventually) replace Roberto Firmino?

Should a Killer be Allowed Back into Football?

The Pyramid Conundrum – Shape Shifting in Scottish Football

Alphonso Davies: From refugee camp to Bayern Munich, via Edmonton and Vancouver Whitecaps

Remembering the misunderstood genius of Enzo Scifo

Where did it all go wrong for Deportivo La Coruna?






















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